April’23 Earth 🌍 Build Challenge Minecraft 🎮 Winners Announcement!

Minecraft Education is a game that has become very popular among students and has been increasingly used in education as a tool to promote creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. In April 2023, De Pedagogics, an edtech company in India, organized an Earth Build Challenge in Minecraft for students from schools across India.

The challenge required students to work in teams and build something that expressed how they were feeling on that day. The challenge aimed to provide a game-based learning environment that students love and encourage them to think creatively, collaborate with their team members, and solve problems.

The response to the challenge was overwhelming, and De Pedagogics received over 160 innovative projects from schools across India. The projects were judged based on creativity, innovation, and relevance to the theme. The top 8 projects were announced as winners, including one Grand Prize winner, five National level winners, one North East region winning team, and one South West Central team. The winning teams will receive specially designed Minecraft badges, and certificates of achievement.

The challenge was not just about winning, but also about participating and learning. All participating teams received a special challenge participation E-badge and email signature badge. This recognition provided them with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

April’23 April’23 Earth 🌍 Build Challenge Minecraft 🎮 Winners Announcement!

As a part of the ‘Climate Future’ challenge! 👏 We’d like to 🎊congratulate 🎊 the

🏆Grand Prize winner 🏆

 Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. Team leader: Tina Peji

 🎖️ National level winner 1 🎖️

 The Ashok Leyland School, Hosur Team leader: Shanmugaprakash 

🎖️ National level winner 2 🎖️

 Crimson Anisha Global Schools, Pune, Marunji, Pune Team leader: Satyaprakash Pankaj

 🎖️ National level winner 3 🎖️ 

Reliance Foundation School, Lodhivali Team leader: Prashik Tyade 

🎖️ National level winner 4 🎖️

 Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana Team leader: Damandeep Kaur

 🎖️ National level winner 5 🎖️ 

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai Team Leader: Sudipta Pal 

 🏅 North East region winning team 🏅

 Knps Phagwara – Kamla Nehru Public school, Phagwara Team leader: Sharda Pullabhatla , and 

🏅 South West Central team 🏅

Dhirubhai Ambani International school, Mumbai Team leader: Roopa Mathur

for their exceptional work!

The April’23 Earth Build Challenge was a great success, and it encouraged students to showcase their creativity and imagination in a game-based learning environment. It also promoted collaboration and problem-solving, which are essential skills in today’s world. De Pedagogics is now looking forward to another exciting challenge in May’23, and students from schools across India are invited to participate.

In conclusion, the Minecraft April’23 Earth Build Challenge by De Pedagogics was an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and imagination. It provided a platform for students to learn and develop essential skills while having fun playing Minecraft.

We hope you had a blast showcasing your skills and connecting with others in this game-based learning environment that you love!

😍 May’23 Monthly Build challenge is now open, so get ready to show us what you’ve got! 💪

We look forward to more schools and students will participate in future challenges and make them a great success.

For details on the upcoming challenge, interested schools can write to education@depedagogics.com

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