Digital Pedagogy Sessions

We believe that progressive leaders, proficient educators and well-informed technology managers are the driving force in modern teaching and learning.


The Digital Transformation Roadmap is designed to guide school leaders and system leaders ensure that they have addressed the digital learning pathways and engaged in the educator and school leader programs in a manner that will support the capacity of the staff in their school to successfully transform their practice, adopt new technologies and to continue as life-long learners within the system.


Investing in teacher effectiveness is key to improving student learning. The impact of teacher quality
outweighs the impact of any other school education program or policy. In fact, teacher effectiveness is the largest factor influencing student outcomes, outside of family background. The professional growth pathway is designed to help teachers and school leaders everywhere become proficient in Microsoft technologies and learn more innovative classroom skills with fun, guided, hands-on content that’s specific to their role and goals.


IT administrators and managers are the architects who draft the technology blueprint of the school towards building the intelligent learning environments. The following sessions present an opportunity to the technology managers, administrators and IT staff to creatively manage the immediate issues while building a bridge to a reimagined education system.


Technology has played a critical role in enabling students to stay connected, engaged, and motivated.
Teachers around the world are continuing the learning journey for their classes by integrating video, game-based learning, and powerful collaboration tools into their virtual lessons, and students are experiencing a new type of learning, which will have an important, lasting impact. To empower educators to teach using technology, the following sessions are recommended:



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