Education Transformation Consultancy

Changes in an educational system or in teaching methods can help customize the educational process.

New trends in personalized learning rely heavily on new ways of organizing schools and the use of ICT. Second, education is perceived in most countries as a means of enhancing equity and equality. Innovations could help enhance equity in the access to and use of education, as well as equality in learning outcomes.”


The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework is a guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation impacting every aspect of their mission.  It facilitates the process of envisioning what’s possible and developing a strategy to achieve it

As a part of our Transformation Program we partner with the institute’s stakeholders to envision and create an intentional desired transformation plan of innovation and learning, with shared goals that engage the community and motivates leaders, educators, and all stakeholders to plan and lead change through collaboration.

  • Imagine a school where leaders and educators operate autonomously with a clear vision and transformational goals.
  • Imagine a classroom where students are excited to come in and engage with their peers and make learning their own
  • Imagine a school where students are not limited to learning in the classroom. They don’t fall behind, even when home sick, because they have the tools to work anywhere, anytime.
  • Imagine a school where educators are excited to work because they feel supported with endless professional development opportunities from which they get to choose
  • Imagine an environment where students learn in physical, digital, and hybrid realms, seamlessly spanning formal and informal learning contexts across time, location, and learning media – without worry of outside threats. A place where staff have the tools to work efficiently and collaboratively to optimize and increase efficiency of daily operations. Where decisions are made using actionable data-driven insights empowering educators to personalize learning experiences for each student based on individual strengths and needs

We believe that deep and sustainable transformation of the education system happens only with the support of people at every level and partners: schools, local authorities, universities, teacher training colleges and national governments. With this program we have the opportunity to creatively manage the current learning environment to transform to a re-imagined education system.

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