De Pedagogics was established in 2015 with the intent of nurturing education and has pioneered in content writing, curriculum design, and professional learning. A well-established name in the education industry for providing high quality, innovative and non-traditional approach to teaching-learning. A team of passionate authors, consultants, and training professionals design and develop curriculum and write content anchored on proven pedagogical approach and crafting learning experiences that enable learners to become self-adaptive life-long individuals.

Through high-level consultancy, training services, and student workshops, our team of fully qualified education consultants has supported over 600 schools and trained over 95,000 teachers this year.

De Pedagogics specializes in

  • curriculum consulting, alignment and transformation to draft the teaching learning processes that are future-ready; and
  • executing technology projects with a niche in digital transformation by providing pedagogical support to Educational Institutes as they embark on their transformation journey to achieve their desired learning outcomes.

De Pedagogics has a broad network with educationists who specialize in varied domains and offer guidance and mentorship to meet the end-to-end needs of a school. We mentor schools into transforming education using technology to enable connected collaborative creative inclusive learning environments. Our partners in learning include Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Wakelet, Apple, Cambridge University Press, Pearson and more.

Nurturing Education

In our endeavour to nurture education, we offer education transformation consultancy services, curriculum and content design, professional learning sessions for school leaders and educators and learning sessions for students.

Partner Education Institutions:

(partial list)
Companies we work with:
  • Microsoft as country’s leading Global Training Partner
  • HP as the only Education Ambassador in India
  • Adobe as Learning Partner
  • Ernst & Young (EY – India)
  • Apple as a partner for Apple Teacher program
  • Cambridge University Press as content writer and curriculum design
  • Pearson for trainer
  • Macmillan for trainer


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