MIE Teacher Academy – Half-Day


Participants will get familiar with ways to use Office 365 for enhancing collaboration, creativity and productivity in the classroom. They will witness various ways to increase engagement, efficiency and develop modern skills for a global classroom/society.

The participants shall on-board the Microsoft Educator Community and begin their self-paced learning journey and learn ways to use Skype in the classroom for collaborative projects, virtual field trips, guest speakers and mystery skype that will build a strong understanding of how to use technology to improve engagement and meet the learning needs of their students.

Note: This is an introductory course intended to expose teachers to Microsoft offerings for education. This is not a deep-dive instruction into any one tool.



  • Provide exposure to the many Microsoft technologies and resources that support student-centered learning
  • Building capacity through self-paced learning journey 


Target Audience  

The primary audience for this session is teachers, empowering educators teaching in a variety of settings.

Recommended size for this academy is 50 educators with one trainer.


Length: Three-hours

Agenda at a glance


10 min Welcome
20 min Introduction to Microsoft Teams
45 min Enabling anytime anywhere learning using Office 365
15 min Break
30 min Digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway
45 min Building capacity with the Microsoft Educator Community
10 min Introduction to Skype in the Classroom, Flipgrid & Paint 3D
5 min Reflection, wrap up, and next steps

Educators can earn a badge and are awarded certificate for the training session

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