Module A – IPO Cycle & Fundamentals


This academy is designed to give educators an understanding of what coding is and how they can integrate it into their curriculum to deepen learning. 

 Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand the basic principles of coding- IPO Cycle and framework
  • Learn how to integrate Coding in teaching learning Using Scratch
  • Design a lesson based on coding in Scratch

Agenda at a glance  

Time Session 
5 min Welcome 
30 minIntroduction to IPO Cycle and Framework of Coding
30 minTranslating ideas into Scratch script: Practicing IPO using Input, Output box/Say Command
30 minDecision Making and Conditional Constructs: Using if else, nested if else blocks
60 min Translating ideas into Scratch script: define and describe loops, repeats and conditional statements
30 min Understand the importance of iterating and debugging a code
60 min Explore Scratch Studio: design a project in Scratch in pairs
30 min How Can We Integrate Computational thinking? Use Scratch in the classroom to support literacy, numeracy and beyond
30 min Reflection on Computational thinking, Task of the Day (ToD) & Q & A Reflect on how you can incorporate physical computing into your class. 

Target Audience  

The primary audience for this session is teachers, empowering educators teaching in a variety of settings.

Recommended size for this academy is 30 educators with one trainer.

Length: Five-hours (plus a 1-hour recommended lunch)

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