Module B – Tyker & Microsoft MakeCode

Session on fundamentals of Coding- Module B


This academy is designed to give educators an understanding of what coding is and how they can integrate it into their curriculum to deepen learning. 

 Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand the basic principles of coding  
  • Learn how to integrate Coding in teaching learning Using Tynker using visual programming language 
  • Learn how to integrate Coding in teaching learning Using Microsoft MakeCode in Minecraft through visual programming language 
  • Design a lesson based on coding in Tynker  and Microsoft Makecode

Agenda at a glance  

Time Session 
5 min Welcome 
40 min Tinkering with Tynker: Understand basic coding terminology and functions such as sequencing, syntax, events, and motion
40 min Understand the importance of iterating and debugging a code
40 min How Can We Integrate Coding? Build and create customized coding lessons for your content area with the Tynker
60 min Curriculum Carousel: Walkthrough coding curriculum and use case scenarios
90 min Play Craft & Learn Microsoft MakeCode in Minecraft  
30 min Reflection on Computational thinking, Task of the Day (ToD) & Q & A Reflect on how you can incorporate physical computing into your class. 

Target Audience  

The primary audience for this session is teachers, empowering educators teaching in a variety of settings.

Recommended size for this academy is 30 educators with one trainer.

Length: Five-hours (plus a 1-hour recommended lunch)

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