Training Modules

Technology Integration Sessions

ü  Redefine learning using Technology with OfficeMix, Sway, Forms, OneNote. Orientation session for educators to increase productivity in the classroom by using technology in a meaningful manner.

ü  Technology Enriched Instruction – Bringing teaching and innovation together to advance Students’ skillsets in the most effective and engaging ways

ü  Reaching out to diverse learners using OneNote and its Learning tools – Addressing diverse learners using assistive technologies that offer features that make learning joyful and easier for all learners with varying abilities.

Pedagogy Driven Sessions

ü Inclusive Pedagogy– Sharing ideas how to teach different types of learners, inclusive pedagogy at its core is learner-centered and equity-focused, creating an overarching learning environment in which students feel equally invited and included.

ü  Rigour, Relevance and Routine- Learn how to engage your students meaningfully in everyday routine without losing the rigour and the relevance. The educator will learn the strategies as how to face the challenge of large number of students in the classroom without losing the impact of learning.

ü  Making Thinking Visible– Focus on concrete ways of creating a culture of thinking in schools and classrooms. The introduction on Thinker’s keys will provide educators an insight into ways of enhancing the intellectual quality of everyday lessons.

21st Century Learning Sessions

ü  Blended Learning- Help your educators become more thoughtful on the use of precious classroom time. Learn about how to blend face to face time instruction with other Blended learning models like flexible and adaptive small group instruction, projects or individualized reteach.

ü  Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy- The purpose of this workshop is to use the revised version of Bloom’s taxonomy with tech integration as a guide for how to think. This will help educators feel more comfortable using these strategies in their teaching learning processes.

ü  21 CLD – 21st Century Learning Design – Learn ways to reimagine and re-think learning designs to foster and develop learners21st century skills by re defining roadmap to best fit the needs of 21st century educators and learners.



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