Contents & Context of Deep Learning

At Microsoft’s Global Forum in Dubai (22nd Feb’15 – 23rd Feb’15), I was honoured to be a speaker in 3 sessions. The 2-day event was abuzz with insightful discussions, new pedagogies to adapt and availability of impactful resources for thoughtful integration of technology to enhance student learning experiences. The open-minded attitude of both the presenters and participants made the plenary sessions fruitful and meaningful.

dgf agenda DGF AGENDA1

Sharing you my experience, insights and key points from the session on Concepts & Contexts of Deep Learning :

The speakers, myself, Mamta Narula, Lyneth Crighton & Megan Rademeyer shared examples from their own classroom to demonstrate how personalized, blended and Project-Based Learning have been key strategies for promoting Deeper Learning in their classrooms.

I deliberately designed my session to be an interactive session as the participants had already attended 3 sessions since morning. Sensing the information overload, I knew  did an impromptu twist to my presentation. I set the stage by defining Deep learning and then began interacting with the audience. I began the session with a quote, ‘deep learning involves a critical analysis of ideas, linking them to already known concepts, principles and experiences which leads to personal understanding and long-term retention’. Then I picked up a pen and began questioning them on the basis of the pre-decided guidelines for preparing the learners for deep learning-deep thinking. If you are wondering what that looked like, here is a look at the guiding questions…


The participants slowly began to get involved from one table and then others picked up too. I had a very successful session where the participants were co-constructing understanding rather than just listening to information and then arriving at an understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was only happy to answer a plethora of questions at the end of the session.

Thank you Microsoft for such a wonderful opportunity.


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