The Progressive Teacher Conclave, April 25th, 2015

Great insights into an amazing event!


The Teacher Conclave

I had the opportunity to attend this conclave held on 25th April at Ficci Auditorium in Delhi. It was good to hear some expert comments from the bigwigs of the education profession.The conclave was divided in to  panel discussions interspersed with few presentations in between.

Recognizing a Teacher

I strongly feel that we as Indians need to really revisit this thought of recognizing a teacher. The gist was how we can change our attitudes and perspectives to start acknowledging our teachers.

“Every teacher should be nurtured”. A teacher is the guiding light for all the students as she is the one who can motivate the them and helps the them learn. We demand a great deal from a teacher but do not give her the due respect or the place in society she deserves. A new teacher should be embraced by the old ones and offer hand holding for at least a year but usually that is not that case. we need a…

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