Caring as the heart of teaching and learning

img_7330Dear Educators,

Sharing a thought here from IBPYP blog, would love to hear your comments-

“…The pedagogical principles that underpin IB programmes recognize, and indeed emphasize, that learning is a social process. Such learning must be underpinned by an ethic of care in which all those involved as teachers and students share an interest in supporting the learning of each other.

… importance of creating cultures in schools that have at their foundation an ethic of care. However, care is not something that flows in one direction from teacher to student, but should be seen as an aspect of the organizational culture that radiates in all directions.

How does your organisational culture radiate CARE in all directions? Comment 

2 thoughts on “Caring as the heart of teaching and learning

  1. We have a very strong form tutoring system in place where the form tutor is the custodian of the students. Be it academics, their social and emotional health, their wellbeing, their eating habits etc. are all monitored by the tutor. The form tutor is just like a parent to them in school with whom they can share all their innermost feelings.

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