Nurturing Education Summit 2017- Lucknow

Nurturing Education Summit Lucknow was hosted by Kunskapsskolan School on 15th April 2017, offering various Tracks providing insights into the three most important areas of Teaching and Learning – Technology, Pedagogy and 21st Century Learning.

The highlight of the event was that the participants had options to attend sessions of their choice which gave them the liberty to explore varied domains.

Pow-Wow session planned towards end is the summit turned out to be successful beyond expected when instead of De Pedagogics team taking a feedback from the participants, the participants designed their own way to elicit their experiences. Nalini Srivastava of The Study Hall Lucknow invited participants to describe their experience in one word and here’s what they said


Post this of PANKAJ Rathore of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School invited participants to represent their feelings and moods after attending the session in a COLOUR and say a few words to describe their choice! Here’s the myriad of responses that we got that gave us a big POW WOW!


This was truly one of those sessions that gave us all the reason to be proud of conducting such sessions for educators. Thank you LUCKNOW!

Looking forward to Nurturing Education Summit-Ghaziabad on 22nd April 2017 at DLF Public School.

See you there!

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