1:1 learning is about more than just giving students laptops!

Schools these days are increasingly adapting modern technology with the aim to make anytime anywhere everyone learning possible. Students bring laptops to classroom to make 1:1 learning possible. but is that it? Have we asked ourselves: How will we best manage implementation of our initiative? One-to-one is about more than just giving students laptops. It provides a necessary component to learning in the 21st century and makes it possible to provide learning opportunities to all students in ways not possible before. 


Since the first 1:1 programs began more than 25 years ago, tens of thousands of schools across the globe have piloted or fully deployed 1:1 programs in their schools. Analyses of their experiences reveal that the most successful 1:1 initiatives have
one main characteristic in common: they are first and foremost concerned with learning, not laptops. The successful initiatives also followed a similar set of processes, whereas the schools that reported the most problems did not. The key aspects of their system-wide approach form the core of this guide, created to help you envision, plan,
implement, evaluate, and expand 1:1 learning in your schools.

Schools who are considering, planning, or starting to implement a learning initiative in which each student has her or his own personal, portable, fully functional digital device, such as a laptop or tablet/computer must participate in a Design, Deploy, & Transform workshop and use the Design, Deploy, & Transform Workbook and receive a comprehensive planning tool and detailed checklist. The workshop covers the full range of considerations for implementing 1:1. It’s a guided conversation designed to be approached as a collective group. It focuses on change – building awareness on what the role ubiquitous technology plays in:

– creating new learning opportunities

– helping participants understand what those opportunities make possible

– provides the scaffolding for participants to design and deploy their initiative

As technology permeates all areas of society. Educators find themselves with a wide-range of powerful digital tools and resources to use to rethink and reinvent educational practices to meet the needs of modern learners. The challenge is to find an approach that is agile, adaptable, and in tune with young people’s lives outside of the classroom.

For hosting/attending Design, Deploy Transform workshop, please contact thepedagogics@outlook.com


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