Summer is here and it’s a great time to do so many things that you’ve been thinking about and never found time to do in your daily humdrum. One such thing is learning new teaching learning practices or being active on social media to learn from others and share your practices. It’s extremely important for 21st century Educators to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge to bring the best learning environments to their classroom.

15 educators in India have already taken the challenge and many more are working on it, how about you?

Here’s a challenge for all you educators out there – Play this BINGO with us!



here are the links to the above mentioned sites to help you:

TWEETMEET: Handle:  @TweetMeet Central Consider taking the TweetMeet courseon the Microsoft Educator Community.; Education blog; Skype contacts; MEC; Sway; Pinterest; TeacherspayTeachers; TedTalk

Complete this BINGO, challenge at least 3 more educators to do so and Tweet about it. Tag us as you tweet about each task you complete your challenge @Depedagogics #SUMMERPDBINGO and we’ll make sure we help you build your brand as a self-motivated life-long learner!

Get set Go!


  1. This is exactly what I was looking forward to.Summer Break and learning to upgrade.
    You are doing a wonderful job!!
    What a challenge…amazing…though no one raged me but I will achieve it and tag others too

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    1. It is really exciting to be part of it. Only crunch is exam time …… School is busy with board exams and result compilation. Though i must congratulate the team for giveing platform to make teaching learning process interesting and funfilled.


      1. Thank you Varsha! We completely understand, we’ll keep you posted on the events so in future and share recording/compilation of these sessions with you


  2. Thanks for taking the challenge Mandeep! Don’t forget to challenge atleast 3 more educators to join.


  3. kanchan kapoor Avatar
    kanchan kapoor

    This is interesting and an amazing challenge no one tagged me but i will tag others too

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    1. Thanks Kanchan, we look forward to hearing from you as you complete the challenge. Please do tag us on Twitter @DePedagogics #SUMMERPDBINGO Challenge

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  4. It is really a beautiful thought to plan such an amazing challenge during summers..long weekend is the best time to try completing it. Will surely try achieving this goal to complete the challenge @DePedagogics #SUMMERPDBINGO Challenge

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    1. That’s great to hear. Look forward to your completing the challenge


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