It gives us immense pleasure to introduce free access to Adobe Digital Disha that allows educators to think, create and implement their ideas for better student learning outcome will make it easier for educators to prepare their classes and adopt innovative techniques and methodologies. 
Adobe Digital Disha is an India-specific program conceptualized in sync with Digital India and Skill India mission. It aims to empower educators to provide digital experiences to students to become future ready at no cost. Adobe Digital Disha program with its 4E (engage-execute-experience-evaluate) Strategy has undertaken the task to digitally revolutionize today’s education needs by providing Adobe Spark – a tool to transform teaching and learning in response to the needs of the Experience Era.
By integrating Adobe Spark in the school curriculum Adobe Digital Disha program aims to

  • Orient teachers and students to emerging technologies in the Digital Era
  • Introduce vistas for experiential and accelerated learning
  • Empower educators to teach new age skills, create and share impactful lesson plans
  • Enhance learning outcome
  • Create professional communities of enthusiastic educators to learn, share, collaborate, participate and develop their professional expertise with the help of Adobe Education Exchange
Program Benefits: As a part of this free Adobe Digital Disha Program, the school gets,
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Access to Adobe Spark with Premium features
  • Content and sample lesson plans
  • Adobe Education Exchange
Adobe Digital Disha program offers workshops with practical hands on training using Adobe Spark for educators. This one-day training program aims at helping teachers enhance their creativity and bring a change in the learning process thus build life-long learning and enabling creativity and digital proficiency of the students. The programme has been designed to provide students with tools for life-long learning, i.e. learn how to learn and to gather knowledge. The programme was created keeping in mind the rapid growth of new knowledge. It focusses on enhancing creative skills of the students and make them future ready to step into the corporate world. Adobe Digital Disha is a free of cost training program for educators and students of schools and Higher Education. 
Please let us know if you’d like to know any further details about the program and we’ll be happy to be of help


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