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Adobe Creative Experience on 10th July’19 will mark selection of 1st cohort of Adobe Creative Educators who shall receive Creative Learning Immersion Workshop with Ben Forta towards digital and visual literacy, and understand the role that Adobe services and tools play in the future of communication and storytelling.
Team De Pedagogics shall play mentors towards creating collaborative projects with focus on Creativity & Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration, Creativity & Diversity and Creativity & Communication.
The ACEs will then be showcasing ways in which Adobe tools and technology to augment, enrich and support creativity in teaching and learning experiences to an eminent jury who shall then select top 50 educators to be awarded the status of Adobe Creative Ambassador on 11th July’19 during ADOBE SCHOOL LEADERS SUMMIT & AWARDS 2019.
Themed as Celebrating Culture of Creativity, Adobe School Leaders Summit & Awards, 2019 aims to bring together India’s most revered school directors, principals, policy makers and educators to deliberate and discuss new age skills for future success of students. Innovative pedagogical reforms for better learning outcomes and professional development of educators on digital tools is crucial for quality education.

Looking forward to a great day –Adobe Creative Experience!

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