We are turning 5!

We can’t thank you enough for supporting us in our endeavours towards nurturing education and building such a vibrant learning community.

In 2015, De Pedagogics started with a passion of nurturing education with 3 key people as founder evangelist. Now, five years later, we have very successfully built a thriving community of people who are equally passionate about nurturing education and value our proposition. We are flying strong with thousands of people who engage with us via face to face, virtually and on social media for professional learning sessions, mindshare, and contribute wonderfully partnering with our team of 15 members. We owe much to our partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Cambridge University Press, numerous K-12 schools and higher education institutes within India and those in UAE and China for placing their trust in us to drive learning into classrooms. We are happy to celebrate your enthusiastic support combined with our bold vision through 5-day Learning Festival!

Join us as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary this week! 

We take pride in bringing to you Learning Festival aimed at mind-share and thought exchange around the ways we have and should continue nurturing education. Through these 5 days we plan to engage with you in 5 different ways

14th February’20              #ShowYourLove @DePedagogics

To mark this day of love we urge you to walk down the memory lane and share your special moment of you and us together. Post across social media, an image/ video/ artifact showcasing your #DPLearningMoment with De Pedagogics adding a few words to tell us your story using #YouKeepMeGoing @DePedagogics #ShowYourLove

We’d love to hear and amplify your story and relive the moment with you!

15th February’20              Nurturing Education WEBYTES

This day of learning is aimed towards sharing educator expertise in using edtech tools which have helped in creating effective teaching learning environments in your teaching learning journey. Each WEBYTE will have 2 Speakers and will run for 40 minutes each.


Welcome-          5 minutes,

talk & present-  20 minutes

Q & A-                 10 minutes

wrap-up-            5 minutes

Please feel free to register here to attend the WEBYTES – http://bit.ly/NEWREG20  

16th February’20              Live Panel Discussion

We take great pleasure of hosting in Live Panel Discussion and Twitter Chat on “Education 4.0 – how ready are we?” hosted on Teams on 16th February’20; 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

We request your virtual presence for the discussion on Teams and/or Twitter Chat at the same time and share your thoughts around the same. The aim of this mind-share session is to exchange thoughts around the way education is transforming in Indian classrooms and inspire many more educationists to be increasingly aware, informed and motivated towards embracing this change. Participants will get a chance to interact with esteemed speakers and professionals from the education sector and voice their thoughts, queries and worries. Additionally, Twitter Talk will run parallelly to complement this discussion which shall be moderated by our team members thus making this a platform to both hear and share your thoughts.

17th February’20              The Look Back

We believe in looking into the rear-view mirror to look back at the great experiences from the years gone by to build stronger and richer experiences in the years to come. Join us in reflecting on the learning experiences that you’ve had over the past years and share your plan for creating a better future. We shall work towards building this future education experience with you. Be a part of our strategic planning as a valued partner and share your thoughts with us on our thinking wall on Twitter using #LookBack2MoveAhead @DePedagogics

18th February’20              Pedagogy Potluck           

The day has come for us to mark the birth of De Pedagogics!

What better way to mark the day by engaging in Pedagogy Potluck! Record a 1-minute video on Flipgrid here (https://flipgrid.com/d4f05ffc) sharing your hack as #TechQuickTip @DePedagogics that has worked for you in your class.

 Please share the good news of De Pedagogics anniversary with others because each person’s contribution makes us a stronger and more vibrant community keeping our story alive and drive our collective vision of nurturing education.

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