Speaking Engagements

  • Speaker at upcoming Unconference, “ScooNews Global Educators Fest” August 18th – 19TH 2017

Topic: What’s the fuss about technology?

Description: Why is the world going ga ga over the inroads made by technology in education? iPads and smart classrooms were just the tip of the iceberg. Welcome to classroom 3.0

Speaker at Transformational Principals Conference– Times of India ( 2nd Edition)                      August 3rd  2017

Topic: Achievement gap between the high and low performing students and role of standards in curriculum

Judge @ MIE Expert and Showcase School Leaders Summit 2017                    9th Feb 2017

The objective of the Summit is to provide professional development opportunity & collaborate with Innovative Educators Experts form PAN India. Share the state of art Learning and innovation practices in education through learning market place set up by selected educators on the following personas – DELOCALISE, PERSONALISE, STRATEGISE, GAMIFY & MINIMISE                                                                       honor issuer Microsoft India

Workshop Leader @ MIE Expert and Showcase School Leaders Summit 2017 8th Feb 2017

 A session for educators and school leaders on ‘Personalise and Strategise with TPACK’ and another session on ‘The Inclusive Educator with focus on Digital Literacies’

Workshop Leader and presenter at Office 365 Summit at Guangzhou, China 13th-14th January 2017

Theme: Creating connected collaborative Inclusive Classrooms with office 365

3 sessions on: – Personalised Learning for Diverse Learners using Learning Tools in #OneNote – Redefine Learning with #Microsoft Classroom in Office 365 – Stay connected with #Yammer

Spoke about ‘Power Up your #PowerPoint’ during conference TeachMeet

 Speaker at 8th International Conference at IIT Delhi DECEMBER 9TH -11TH 2016


Theme: Building a Good School

Session Title: Prodigious Pedagogical Practices

About the session: The session is tailored for educationists who are seeking to develop their teaching through pedagogical training and reflection and is designed to foster conversations about teaching in a multidisciplinary learning community. The goal of this workshop is to provide teachers ways to enhance their teaching-learning practices through multi-dimensional approach. In this workshops, teachers will get an opportunity to talk about their classroom experiences, find possible solutions to the prevailing challenges and guidance on how teachers can help learners to grasp the concepts. It also provides a chance to reflect on teaching through writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement.

Panellist at Transforming School Principals – Times of India ( 2nd Edition)                                                Aug 30, 2016

Topic: Ways of Integrating skill development in the current curriculum

Session details:

Change, Improvement and Innovation: Three pillars for successful students, ways for fostering curriculum collaboration among the faculty, understanding various techniques for managing change, shaping a school culture that supports learning for all, improving instruction through effective teacher supervision and evaluation, applying research and best practices in developing school improvement efforts focused on increasing student achievement, ways of Integrating skill development in the current curriculum, overcoming Implementation Barriers in a technology based learning environment, extension or replacement: New age educational tools like M-learning and understanding how to use data effectively to set strategy and drive integrated decision-making at the classroom and school levels

Delivered Keynote Address at Educomp’s Education Leaders Summit 11th December 2015

                Topic: Teaching with Technology – Engaged Experience

The summit was the largest ever Summit of Education Leaders in India with about 300 Education Leaders from across the country. The session focussed on ways to transform learning experiences using Microsoft technologies.


Speaker at ‘Future Unleashed’ –

‘Future Unleashed’ – celebrating its 25 years of Microsoft in India and sharing the vision of reinventing productivity and business processes, creating more personal computing and building the intelligent cloud.

Topic: “A Day in the Life of a Student: Collaborations Through Skype & Office Mix”

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Speaker at Global Forum – Technology in Education

Topic: Technology Enriched Instruction: Roundtable workshop—The Technology Enriched Instruction workshop brief will  leveraging the TPACK and 211st Century Learning Design models to increase awareness of the benefits of technology integrated into instruction. It addresses needs in colleges for pre-service educators, as well as in-service educators in vocational and Faculty and professors in Tertiary education.

Topic: Concepts and Contexts for Deep Learning: Panel—A panel of Expert Educators shared their insights and approaches for engaging their students in deeper learning experiences. This session is designed for school leaders and teachers who are striving to develop learning experiences that go beyond the surface and identify a framework for deep learning competencies. The focus is on exploring& discussing thought processes and pedagogies for Deep Learning that engages students to develop skills to be lifelong learners; creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers.

Topic: Learning Design for Impact: Round table workshop—School leaders will offer their insights into practices in designing high-impact student learning experiences. In this session provides an insight into the way technology has enriched teaching learning experiences and transformed the way we teach and learn. The focus is on new learning strategies like flipped learning, blended learning and project based learning being used to aid and rethink pedagogical approaches and learning goals and the need for redesigning teaching and learning practices that lead to more successful futures for all students.

IMG_6380 IMG_6300 IMG_6320

Moderator at Education Leadership Conference 2015 – “Leading in the Digital Age”

Topic: Preparing Teachers for Digital Natives: Professional Development for Technology Integration in Schools: Implementing a successful Professional Development for Technology Integration in Schools takes strong, consistent leadership to bring together key stakeholders and to keep them focused throughout the process. In this session, we will learn in depth about how professional development among educators is changing because of technologies, what are the prominent reasons to integrate technology into the classroom around which we must have a Professional Development Model in Place

Educational Leadership Conference 2015

IMG_5087 IMG_5079  IMG_5088 IMG_5081


Speaker at DAVCMC Principal’s Conclave 2015 

Topic: Blended & Flipped Learning

Principal’s Conclave-2015 was organised at Chennai on October 1-3, 2015. The theme of the conclave is ‘Brand DAV: Leading 21st Century Schools’. DAV Principals of 300 schools. The invite was to share with the Office-Bearers of DAV Management , Directors of Schools and Principals how Technology can be used to successfully transform your schools into new age schools so that are able to effectively prepare the learners for life and work in 21st century with a focus on Blended and flipped learning environment

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