Nurturing Education Summit 2017

Nurturing Education Summit: Professional Learning for 21st century Educators is presented by De Pedagogics, in partnership with a leading Host School of the city.

Join the Nurturing Education Summit team as we empower, explore and engage to talk about layering learning content with pedagogies and match the digital tools to create immersive effective learning environments that can support educators in the delivery of exciting concept-based, competency-driven curriculum. This full day of training will equip educators with the understanding and application that they seek to reimagine education in the classroom and thus school.

Be prepared to be engaged in challenging and fun activities while exploring evidence-based practice surrounding computational thinking and creative technologies through these training modules.

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See you there!

5 thoughts on “Nurturing Education Summit 2017

  1. Dear Meenakshi,

    All the topics are quite interesting. Some of my favorites are Blooms Taxonomy, Blended learning and Teaching with Technology. I look forward to your plan of action.

    Thanks for initiating this movement.




  2. Dear de pedagogics team I have deposited the required amout of rs 1000 on 18 march 2017 through upi in the given hdfc bank account. But i havent recieved any confirmation from your side. Here is the screen shot of the transaction. Thanks. Regards Anil Sharma 9414492332


    1. Thank you, please allow us sometime to revert to you as we are awaiting to hear for confirmation from the bank. Regardless, We confirm your participation and shall connect with you regarding payment.


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