Curriculum Development

Curriculum & Content Development

With the belief that curriculum development is a key process in determining the quality of learning and teaching, we design and develop responsive and reflective curriculum and professional learning solutions for deep changes in school wide thinking and practice. The focus of our design lies in creating student-led inquiry-based learning environments integrating new pedagogy and technology in education. We work with leading schools in Gurgaon and Delhi in their path to transition and to transform the way we teach and learn. Currently we are also working on designing curriculum and content for launching two schools, a pre-school in Delhi and an international in Gurgaon, in the coming session. We provide leadership for the Curriculum and Professional Development (CPD) programs. This includes the planning, development and production of curriculum processes, practices and policies that are evaluated and acknowledged to be highly effective in improving student outcomes. We begin with  the review/assessment of current curriculum to ensure that course/program is meeting intended objectives and requirements post which evaluations and data is used to make recommendations for how to improve and edit curricula. A team of teachers from the school then form the core group who work closely with us to learn best practices in curriculum writing through research, professional development, and other learning opportunities. This core team under our guidance hosts effective staff development activities that incorporate the mission of the school, program evaluation outcomes, and input from teachers and others.

The main purpose of the process is to translate broad statements of intent(IB PYP and CBSE Accreditation, CBSE affiliation, CBSE CCE implementation & CCSS ELA) into specific plans and actions.

The process of Curriculum Development has following stages:

  • Understanding the (Intent) Stage
  • Planning Stage

o Content framework

o Horizontal & vertical alignment and planning,

o Defining approaches, processes and policies

o Identifying Learning Outcomes

o Aligning assessment – tools & strategies

  • Implementation Stage
  • Reflection & Review Stage

Students are at the heart of curriculum and our best intent is to develop student-led program with where students receive integrated, coherent learning experiences that contribute towards their personal, academic and professional learning and development.

Curriculum Development Alliances

  • Currently working as a curriculum consultant and professional learning expert for Sanskar School, Jaipur to develop PYP program in school
  • Currently working towards Curriculum Development as a part of SQAA for Blue Bells Group of Schools Gurgaon
  • Designing Curriculum and developing content for 2 new schools to be launched in the coming year
  • Worked towards Curriculum Development, Strategic Planning and Teacher Empowerment with The Heritage School-Gurgaon; Blue Bells Group of Schools Gurgaon & Royal Oak International School Gurgaon
  • Developing Thematic Learning Program based on inquiry & experiential learning

  (Grades Nur-3 at The Heritage School-Gurgaon)

  • Developing Language Program based on Common Core State Standards English Language Arts

  (Grades Nur-3 at The Heritage School-Gurgaon)

  • Developing school-wide(Junior School) Authentic Assessment and Reporting System

  (Grades Nur-3 at The Heritage School-Gurgaon)


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