Campaign: Teaching the SDG – How to bring the world to your students

The United Nations is dedicated to promoting cooperation and collaboration at local and global levels, which means it’s fundamentally aligned with what we hope to achieve in modern education.


It is our sincere effort that with this campaign we support teaching of the World’s Largest Lesson to educate and engage learners so that they support the SDGs and turn their ideas and thoughts into action. The aim is to connect students with this ambitious global plan and to encourage their support for it. They can take action in support of the Goals at local and global levels. We believe that teachers of our world together have the power to make achieving these global goals a reality. 

You can also set up action projects for the Global Goals that take a day, a week or longer. Join us on 11th August 2017, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm India time to know more about this global project – #ITEACHSDG #MSFTEDU

Register here –

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