You owe it to them – Go back to your school & transform the way they teach

When was the last time you visited the school that gave you education? You must be wondering why should you visit your school that you had left decade (s) ago! Here’s why – because you owe it to the school.

We’ve often come across people who are unhappy about the way teaching-learning happened in their school in their and that the school continues teaching the same way. But pause here to think, what have you really done about it. Of course you do not have the time to really bring this change as bringing about a change is a slow transformative process and requires a lot of planning, dialogue, time, energy and resources and I agree. Yet we can do our small bit by pointing them in the right direction.

This post is inspired by an educator from Vietnam, TRAN THUY LINH, who went back to her and was sad to see the teaching learning process remained unchanged. She then took upon herself to reach out to MIE Trainers via Microsoft Educator Community and connected using #Skypeintheclassroom to learn from them ways to transform learning in classrooms. I salute her spirit and am happy to be her partner in her transformational journey.

If you too are inspired to do your due, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to be of help.

Transformation begins with YOU!

3 thoughts on “You owe it to them – Go back to your school & transform the way they teach

  1. Whatta great thought!! Very well written👍🏻

    Best Regards
    Jyoti Chaba

    IIMPACT – – I am proud to be a part of IIMPACT, the inspiring initiative through which 60,000 girls in the poorest villages across India have benefited from free primary education and freed themselves from from the shackles of illiteracy. Please visit


  2. I too thought of the same. Unfortunately, the school where I got educated is a govt. School and it has no required infrastructure. How can you help me ma’am. Please let’s do something…


    1. I appreciate your thought. I’d say simply begin by volunteering to do a few session for students and teachers and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have you back on campus. There’s a lot that’s happening for government schools too in partnership with Microsoft and I’m sure it’ll reach your school too.


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