Hack the Classroom

One of the best e-learning events of Microsoft in Education is #HacktheClassroom

An event full of ideas, innovations, hacks and tips for learning to take place in the most meaningful manner using technology. A perfect place to learn how to empower your students for an unseen tomorrow.

Just in case you missed you can still view it here

Sharing some glimpses from the event.

Leading the way to hack the classroom is the ever-inspiring Anthony Salcito, Eve Psalti, Sonja Delafosse and Brooke Haag. You’ll hear from Alan November how he is supporting his students to become problem designers is a critical skill to tap their imagination and curiosity and how by providing a framework for developing lines of inquiry, “messy” problems can be a stepping stone to helping students learn how to design increasingly complex and creative problems.

Super inspirational Tammy Dunbar’s tech infused classroom using technology engages her students and empowering them to meet high standards. I’m a big time Tammy fan as her ways of dealing with the students are so doable and fun. You’ll be amazed to see how simply she’s engaging her students in learning and giving them voice using technology. What else can we ask for when we get to watch Tammy share the top 5 tools to support creativity and curiosity in Room 9.

There are so many more motivational MIEEXPERTs like Koen Timmers, Aaron Meyeur, Thomas Milicka and Toney Jackson to share their experiences and hacks that make their classrooms ready for tomorrow. Not-to-miss are the super inspirational stars from Renton Prep who’ll inspire you to join their cause and begin working on one yourself.

Do find time to view #hacktheclassroom and let us know your best moment

Happy Learning!

One thought on “Hack the Classroom

  1. Very good!! You are on a roll…👍🏻

    Best Regards
    Jyoti Chaba

    IIMPACT – – I am proud to be a part of IIMPACT, the inspiring initiative through which 60,000 girls in the poorest villages across India have benefited from free primary education and freed themselves from from the shackles of illiteracy. Please visit http://www.iimpact.org


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