Learn OneNote Conference

Second Annual Free Online OneNote Conference Encourages Integrations and Accessibility

OneNote Community is Sharing Tips and Tricks Again

It has been a year since we shared about the online community driven conference all about OneNote. With a tremendous response from OneNote fans last year, we are excited to share that the Learn OneNote Conference is open for registration again. More than 25 speakers will be sharing—via video—how they use OneNote to be productive in business and in education. These 20 to 30 minute videos dive deep into real ways you can use OneNote in the real world, shown by OneNote fans just like you. This is a free online event during the dates of November 7th to November 13th, 2017. Visit Learn OneNote Conference to register for free.

25+ OneNote MVPs, MIEEs and Avengers are leading the charge

Please refer to the agenda showing all the topics and speakers. If you are on Twitter, you can see the list of speakers here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who organized the Learn OneNote Conference?
  2. This is an independent, community driven event organized by OneNote fan Jared DeCamp from Class and Office, and is sponsored by Teachercast and Flipgrid.
  3. What is the hashtag for the event?
  4. The hashtag is #LONC17
  5. What happens after the event?
  6. After the event, access to the videos will be exclusive to participants who have purchased an All Access Pass. Details for upgrading will be sent to all registrants.
  7. Who and what should I be following on Twitter?
  • @MSOneNote—Official Microsoft OneNote account
  • @OneNoteEDU—Official Microsoft OneNote in Education account
  • @Jared_DeCamp—Organizer and host of this conference
  • @OneNoteC—OneNote Central, Marjolein’s account with daily tips and pointers about OneNote
  • @Flipgrid—Official Flipgrid account
  • @mtholfsen— Product Manager on the #MicrosoftEDU team
  • @TeacherCast— Host of Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Spotlight Series Podcast
  1. What are some important links I should check out?


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