Remote learning tips playlist

With remote and hybrid learning the new reality for this school year, educators are seeking ways they can connect students to personalized resources and simplify outreach to students, parents, and the community.

Overwhelmed by how to use Remote Learning tools in the classroom? Check out this collection of short videos to support remote learning with @Microsoft Teams.

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Adobe Creative Experience

Adobe Creative Experience on 10th July’19 will mark selection of 1st cohort of Adobe Creative Educators who shall receive Creative Learning Immersion Workshop with Ben Forta towards digital and visual literacy, and understand the role that Adobe services and tools play in the future of communication and storytelling. Team De Pedagogics shall play mentors towardsContinue reading “Adobe Creative Experience”


Tech Tuesday Talk with Team De Pedagogics We understand the challenges that schools and educators face in keeping abreast with the breadth and depth of latest in technology and use the same to make teaching and learning experiences more effective. To address these challenges, we at De Pedagogics are happy to bring to you ‘TECH TUESDAY’; a weekly doseContinue reading “TECH TALK TUESDAY 2019”

Personalized Creative Expressions

Can creativity be taught or learnt? I don’t have a perfect answer for this but what I know is that given the right platform to think and learn students can create original content to demonstrate their understanding in a very creative manner. One of our unique experiences with creating such learning environment for students was atContinue reading “Personalized Creative Expressions”


It gives us immense pleasure to introduce free access to Adobe Digital Disha that allows educators to think, create and implement their ideas for better student learning outcome will make it easier for educators to prepare their classes and adopt innovative techniques and methodologies.  Adobe Digital Disha is an India-specific program conceptualized in sync with Digital India and Skill India mission. ItContinue reading “ADOBE DIGITAL DISHA”


I had the great fortune of attending Minecraft Mentor Meetup during the Games for Change Event in NYC this June. Enthusiastic Minecraft Mentor cohort included educational training companies, STEM instructional facilitators, and school digital leaders from across various countries/continents – Australia, Israel, UK, India and US. The purpose of the meetup was to foster connectionsContinue reading “MINECRAFT MENTOR MEETUP – GAMES FOR CHANGE, NYC”


Summer is here and it’s a great time to do so many things that you’ve been thinking about and never found time to do in your daily humdrum. One such thing is learning new teaching learning practices or being active on social media to learn from others and share your practices. It’s extremely important forContinue reading “SUMMER PD BINGO CHALLENGE”

HACKATHON’17: Cover the Cloud

 Cover the Cloud with us Specially curated sessions for students and educators in K12 and Higher Ed covering Azure, Mobile, iOT, Minecraft and Kodu to think critically and creatively for iterating on solutions to everyday problems that the world faces today Find the session agenda here HACKATHON 2017-18 10-HOUR HACKATHON  OBJECTIVE To Train the candidates onContinue reading “HACKATHON’17: Cover the Cloud”