Learn OneNote Conference

Second Annual Free Online OneNote Conference Encourages Integrations and Accessibility OneNote Community is Sharing Tips and Tricks Again It has been a year since we shared about the online community driven conference all about OneNote. With a tremendous response from OneNote fans last year, we are excited to share that the Learn OneNote Conference is openContinue reading “Learn OneNote Conference”

You owe it to them – Go back to your school & transform the way they teach

When was the last time you visited the school that gave you education? You must be wondering why should you visit your school that you had left decade (s) ago! Here’s why – because you owe it to the school. We’ve often come across people who are unhappy about the way teaching-learning happened in theirContinue reading “You owe it to them – Go back to your school & transform the way they teach”

Tech Tuesday Talk with Team De Pedagogics

Tech Tuesday Talk with Team De Pedagogics   We understand the challenges that schools and educators face in keeping abreast with the breadth and depth of latest in technology and use the same to make teaching and learning experiences more effective. To address these challenges, we at De Pedagogics are happy to bring to you ‘TECH TUESDAY’; a weeklyContinue reading “Tech Tuesday Talk with Team De Pedagogics”

Campaign: Teaching the SDG – How to bring the world to your students

The United Nations is dedicated to promoting cooperation and collaboration at local and global levels, which means it’s fundamentally aligned with what we hope to achieve in modern education. It is our sincere effort that with this campaign we support teaching of the World’s Largest Lesson to educate and engage learners so that they support theContinue reading “Campaign: Teaching the SDG – How to bring the world to your students”

Curriculum Development

Curriculum & Content Development With the belief that curriculum development is a key process in determining the quality of learning and teaching, we design and develop responsive and reflective curriculum and professional learning solutions for deep changes in school wide thinking and practice. The focus of our design lies in creating student-led inquiry-based learning environmentsContinue reading “Curriculum Development”

Campaign: Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

The campaign aims to equip you with relevant information and tools to enable you to take part in the World’s Largest Lesson, to teach people about the Sustainable Development Goals and to enthuse you to create and share your own learning resources in order to do so JOIN US- For an introduction to the SDGs,Continue reading “Campaign: Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals”

1:1 learning is about more than just giving students laptops!

Schools these days are increasingly adapting modern technology with the aim to make anytime anywhere everyone learning possible. Students bring laptops to classroom to make 1:1 learning possible. but is that it? Have we asked ourselves: How will we best manage implementation of our initiative? One-to-one is about more than just giving students laptops. ItContinue reading “1:1 learning is about more than just giving students laptops!”

Speaker at Unconference, “ScooNews Global Educators Fest”

It is a pleasure to be invited as a speaker at the upcoming Unconference, “ScooNews Global Educators Fest” planned for August 18 – 19, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, National Capital Region, India. Topic: What’s the fuss about technology? Description: Why is the world going ga ga over the inroads made by technology in education?Continue reading “Speaker at Unconference, “ScooNews Global Educators Fest””

Technology Enabled Learning- thinking beyond

Thank you Ramani Dhanaraj & the entire team of @StJoseph’sCollegeforWomen, Vizag for making a part of celebrating your 60 years of your success & for participating enthusiastically Sharing glimpses and moments #youkeepmegoing At the end of the session, we had our very popular POW-WOW session where teachers are to reflect on their learning and experienceContinue reading “Technology Enabled Learning- thinking beyond”